Chipko Jones

You may recognize Chipko Jones from last year's Homecoming.  The growing reggae band has been steadily making a mark on the Okanagan and Kootenay music scene.  With an insatiable urge to make people move, their immediate future carries them onto a other beach festival stages this Summer like Invermere Music festival. 

Damien Alblas

A Christina lake local musician, Damien has been writing music, performing and honing his craft since before his teens.   With already great stage presence, he will make you feel appreciated as an audience member.



Is an expression of a tradition that can be traced back at least 400 years in Ireland and more particularly in Scotland.  The harp and cello would have been a familiar and welcome combination then as they are now.  Neil and Christina have been playing together as Crossbow since 2010.

Deandra Dey

Deandra is trained in both classical and contemporary voice; yet her tone remains unrefined.  She is a Brandon, Manitoba born songwriter currently residing in Kamloops, British Columbia, creatively driven by the BC wilderness, culture and the stories she experiences along the way

Class Action

Having shared the stage with such acts as Bedouin Soundclash, The Flatliners, The English Beat, Mad Caddies, Gob, and The Aggrolites... CLASS ACTION has become known for their high energy performances and beats that make you want to dance!

Petunia and the Vipers

Our Homecoming Healine act, not to be missed!

“…Hybrid musical style…edge of punk appreciation…a whole range of different styles”  “Incredibly entertaining”
“Try and catch the band live”

— Bob Harris – BBC

The Cuthberts

Boundary locals!

"Our mission is to inspire and entertain others through an honest and impassioned sharing of life's loves, losses and revelations"

Brett Wildeman

Coming from Rossland BC, Brett Wildeman is a guitar strumming, nature loving musician and cyclist who shares his passion for music and the environment through his unique projects and creative initiatives.


J  U  L  Y   8

Elu/Elected Official for Christina Lake

Grace McGregor

First... so far check out our...