J U L Y  13 –14  2018

Elected Official for Christina Lake

Grace McGregor

We would like to formally thank all our wonderful sponsors including RDKB Area C/Christina Lake Elected Official, Grace McGregor for making Homecoming Summerfest possible! 

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Stay in touch with our latest news, and find out what exciting bands and things are coming for 2018!  We have some super surprises!

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You can play a part in the making of the event!  It is a great way to help the festival grow into something amazing.  Our community thrives on cooperation. Many hands make light work!

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Christina Lake is located in the Kootenay Boundary Region of BC.  It is just around the corner from Grand Forks, and 45 minute drive south of Castlegar. 

We are a 2-3 hour drive from Kelowna BC, and 2.5 hour drive from Spokane, Washington.

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The water is clean and warm, the mountain view is spectacular, the sun shines brightly, the sand is soft, the people are happy.  Christina Lake Provincial Park where we hold the homecoming stage is quite a spectacular place to see and take part in a festival spectacle! 

It is truly a breath of fresh air!

Our Theme for 2018 is Just Add Water, and we have an exciting lineup of all kinds of amazing acts this year!

Check it out!